Giving you daily energy, oats are the delicious wholegrain superfood with a bowlful of benefits.

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Everyone finds a favourite in our wholesome cereal range, with traditional and fresh varieties.

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Delicious and nutritious choices for kids and adults. Give yourself a bite-sized boost!

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How do our oats arrive at your breakfast table? Learn more about how our oats get from the farm to your bowl or lunchbox.

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Health & Nutrition
No artificial colours or flavours

all our breakfast cereals are without artificial flavours or colours, and many of our cereals have been that way for a long time. In fact, many are formulated to be naturally free of colour...

Changed For The Better

See the healthy changes we've made to our Muesli bars.

Health & Nutrition
Health Star Rating

UNCLE TOBYS is Australia’s largest range of 4+ stars cereals*. It sounds like great news but what does it mean? Find out how the health star rating works.

Grow our oats

See all the fantastic entries for our #HomegrownOats competition, and learn all about growing oats at home.

Oats & Strawberry Recipes
Enjoy Oats & Strawberries with these delicious recipes

Have you tried using our Oats and Fresh strawberries?..., warm, healthy & delicious, a great way to get you through winter.

Steel Cut
Steel Cut Oats

Check out our new product, Steel Cut Oats. UNCLE TOBYS Steel Cut Oats are all-natural wholegrain Oats, chopped into pieces with steel blades for a full, hearty texture and rich nutty taste.

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We believe the more positive you feel; the more you get out of life.We believe that how you start the day sets you up for the rest of the day so let’s start day the day in a positive, happy way! That means waking up to a more exciting breakfast, waking up to interesting textures and enticingly good tastes. Be enticed by goodness and deliciousness… O&G blends together the natural vitality of delicious real ingredients like Oats, grains, fruits and nuts so every mouthful will awaken your taste buds. Start the day how you mean to finish it… in a positive way. Go on, look forward to the morning…wake up thinking bring on today!