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Meet Our Ambassador

Kathleen Alleaume

We believe that good food is good for you. Which is why we work with Kathleen Alleaume - a nutritionist and exercise physiologist, mum of three and founder of The Right Balance. Kathleen develops and delivers fresh and cutting-edge health content, which is meaningful and practical to help Aussies maximise their health and wellness.

As a trusted voice in the nutrition and fitness fields where she regularly writes for national publications and appears regularly on TV and radio, Kathleen’s honest down-to-earth approach to balanced nutrition makes her an unrivalled nutrition expert. And, we are so pleased to be working with her as our Nutrition Ambassador.


Get to know Kathleen

Kathleen Alleaume

How did your passion for nutrition and health come about?

I had a very active childhood and competed in a number of sports including gymnastics and athletics right up until I finished school. I always knew that eating well and getting the right amount of fuel had a huge impact on my performance, energy levels and being able to balance sport and schoolwork.

How do you think your approach to nutrition differs from other experts in the field?

When it comes to nutrition advice there is so much noise, hype and misinformation. I’m really passionate about busting common diet myths and communicating clear, positive and credible information. I hope to help people feel more confident and more knowledgeable in the choices they make on a daily basis that will result in long-term health benefits.

As someone who is familiar with the challenge of juggling a career, motherhood and overall good health, what is some advice you can share with Aussies on how to achieve balance?

Finding balance between career and motherhood is a constant juggle, which can be quite stressful, but at the same time it continually teaches me lessons about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and my limits. The old adage “motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint” is very true.

Balance is different week-by-week, so you need to be able to be proactive and adaptive, and not so much reactive. It’s hard – but being in the present moment does help (note: kids are excellent at teaching us this simple yet not-so-simple act).

That said, there are some non-negotiable habits that certainly help me through the business of it all.

  1. Exercise: my goal is to find at least 30 -minutes most days to either go for a brisk walk, do a reformer pilates class or stretch at home to manage stress. I like to do ‘yin’ exercises before bed, which leads me to my next non-negotiable
  2. Getting enough sleep: my kids have finally passed the toddler stage, so I’m getting way more sleep than I used to. The key is keeping a consistent bed/wake time.
  3. Preparation: plan as much the night before to avoid the mad morning rush. Whether that’s getting the breakfast bowls ready on the kitchen counter, packing the kids’ snacks, or laying out school uniforms etc. Preparation makes the mornings run a little more smoothly and encourages good eating habits at the start of every day.

What does your general morning routine look like? How much do you prioritise breakfast? Do you have a go-to option or do you prefer to mix it up?

Breakfast is a big deal in our household because I truly believe the morning meal is the perfect time to refuel from the night before. A balanced breakfast can give you energy, regulate appetite and provide essential nutrients like wholegrains, fibre and certain antioxidants to help you concentrate and perform at your best.

Aside from nutrition and fitness, what are some of your other interests?

I enjoy brushing up on my French, my parent’s native language.

I also enjoy being creative. I’m currently learning how to use a SLR camera and getting out in the great outdoors and taking photos of whatever inspires me, such as landscape and architecture. I’m always re-decorating the house in my spare time flicking through various interior magazines for some inspiration.

What drew you to work with UNCLE TOBYS?

I’m quite selective about the brands that I work with, only aligning to those that reflect my own personal values.

I initially partnered with UNCLE TOBYS both because my family and I regularly enjoy its products but also due to its strong community ties, Australian heritage and focus on balanced wholesome nutrition. I see the partnership as an opportunity to help educate Australians on how to eat well every day, simply and conveniently.

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