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130 Years



Ok, you made it all the way to the UNCLE TOBYS about us page. You must really love our brand! First things first, let's acknowledge what you already know about us. Our range of delicious breakfast oats, cereals, and snacks has been nourishing Aussies for generations. From grandparents to parents, neighbours, and even Championship swimmers, our products have become a trusted part of many households. Whether you're in Perth, on the east coast, or anywhere in between, our muesli bars, sweet and savoury snacks, and classic oats have captured the hearts and taste buds of people across the country.

But there's more to UNCLE TOBYS than just our beloved products. We're passionate about providing wholesome and nutritious options that fuel your day and support a healthy lifestyle. Whether you're enjoying a bowl of our classic oats for breakfast, grabbing a muesli bar for a quick on-the-go snack, or including our products in your kids' lunch boxes, we're glad to be a part of your daily routine!

Our history is in every single oat.

The story of UNCLE TOBYS dates back to the gold rush era in Australia when two brothers, Leonard and George Parsons, embarked on a journey from England to Melbourne to establish their oat manufacturing business, known as John Bull Oats. It was in 1861 that the brand we now know as UNCLE TOBYS was born, initially operating under the name Parsons Bros. As more land in Australia became available for farming in the 1890s, coupled with the expansion of the railway network, our oats were able to reach every corner of the country.

In 1893, the first UNCLE TOBYS oats product was introduced by Clifford Love and Co in Sydney, marking a significant milestone in our history.
But our story doesn't end there. You may have noticed the iconic characters in our logo, which may appear to be from the 1861 era. These characters are a symbol of our humble beginnings and have recently undergone a few outfit changes to reflect our evolution with the times. While we may no longer transport oats by horse and cart, our commitment to producing the finest oats for Australia remains unwavering.

At UNCLE TOBYS, we cherish our rich history, and we are dedicated to continually improving our oats to meet the highest standards of quality and taste. As we embrace the future, we will always strive to make our oats the best they can be for Australia, ensuring that every bowl is filled with the legacy and tradition that has made UNCLE TOBYS a beloved brand for generations.

Getting stuck into the good stuff.

At UNCLE TOBYS, we believe that healthy eating supported by an active lifestyle makes for a happier life. As we continue to serve Aussie families and support our local farmers, we are dedicated to promoting the health and happiness of future generations. Our range of oats, cereals, kids and adults snacks is carefully crafted to deliver a perfect balance of taste and goodness. With every product, we strive to bring delicious options to the table that cater to everyone's taste and needs. Whether you're a fan of our classic oats, love our delicious cereals, or enjoy the convenience of our muesli bars, there's something for everyone when you shop UNCLE TOBYS! What's your favourite?

Plenty of goodness to go around.

At UNCLE TOBYS, we firmly believe in the power of partnerships to make a positive impact on our Aussie farmers, communities, and the environment. 
One of our key partnerships is with the Australian Men's Shed Association, which plays a vital role in promoting the health and wellbeing of not only our factory employees but also the members of the local communities surrounding our UNCLE TOBYS factory in Wahgunyah, VIC. Through this partnership, we are dedicated to creating a supportive environment and fostering a sense of community. To learn more about our collaboration with Men's Shed, click here.

For over a decade, we’ve also proudly partnered with Foodbank to combat food insecurity and provide hunger relief to Aussie families in need. As part of our commitment, UNCLE TOBYS promises to deliver over 1 million serves of breakfast every year to support those facing food insecurity. We believe everyone deserves access to a nourishing breakfast, and our partnership with Foodbank allows us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Goodness leads to more goodness.

At UNCLE TOBYS, our passion lies in fuelling the good-as-gold Aussie lifestyle while safeguarding the land that sustains us. That's why UNCLE TOBYS is fully dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our operations. We have set a goal to transition our Oats Sachets to recyclable packaging by 2025, and we are actively working towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We are working with Riverine Plains, a leader in regenerative agriculture, as well as our oat farmers to support them in transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices. Regenerative farming is a journey which is widely recognised to have positive impacts on the environment, improving soil health, landscape resilience, and boosting local biodiversity.

Australian Men’s Shed Association

At UNCLE TOBYS, we take pride in our partnership with the Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA). Since its establishment in 2007, AMSA has grown to become Australia's largest male-based community organisation, offering support to over 1200 community sheds across the country.

The Men's Shed movement has proven to be a powerful tool in addressing the health and wellbeing of Australian men, challenging the cultural norm that discourages open discussions about feelings and self-care. Men's Sheds provide a safe and inclusive space where men can find community, connection, and purpose, all while prioritising their health and wellbeing.

Since 2017, UNCLE TOBYS has been actively collaborating with AMSA, with a particular focus on the Riverina region, the home of UNCLE TOBYS. As part of our partnership, we make an annual donation of UNCLE TOBYS products, contribute to the quarterly newsletters, and actively participate in major events such as the Hearty Field Muster.

Together with AMSA, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of Australian men.

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Porridge Oat

In the wake of the Australian gold rush, brothers Leonard and George Parsons ventured from England to Melbourne, where they began manufacturing John Bull Oats. In 1861, the UNCLE TOBYS Company emerged, initially operating as Parsons Bros.

The 1890s saw the expansion of the railway network, opening more farming opportunities across Australia and facilitating the widespread distribution of our oats. 

In 1893, Clifford Love and Co introduced the UNCLE TOBYS oats product in Sydney, marking a significant milestone in our journey. From there, our legacy was set in motion.

In 1984, UNCLE TOBYS sponsored 'learn to swim' courses, ensuring Aussies stayed afloat. Lisa Curry, our gold medallist swimmer brand partner, travelled to 125 towns over 20 weeks, speaking at schools, shopping centres, and aged care facilities.

In 1988 was a year of launches for UNCLE TOBYS, introducing Le Snak, Fruit Roll Ups, and UNCLE TOBYS Oat Bran Products. The oat bran products were developed based on research findings that highlighted the benefits of soluble fibre in reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, sparking an oat bran boom.

In 1989, the UNCLE TOBYS Company was born. This year also marked the launch of the highly successful UNCLE TOBYS Super Series, combining Australia's love for sport and the beach. The series ran for 12 years, becoming one of the most successful Australian sport sponsorships.

The 90s were a decade of remarkable milestones for UNCLE TOBYS, showcasing our commitment to innovation and nourishing Australians. It all began with the inaugural Super Series race in Hawaii.

In 1991, UNCLE TOBYS made history by launching Organic Vita Brits, the first mass-marketed organic food product in Australia, highlighting our dedication to both consumers and the environment.

In 1992, UNCLE TOBYS underwent a fresh transformation, relaunching our breakfast cereal range with a new logo, packaging, and improved formulations. We sponsored renowned athletes like Kieren Perkins, Sam Riley, Susie O'Neill, and Clint Robinson, while also supporting Landcare Australia and the Coastcare initiative.

In 1993, celebrating our 100-year anniversary, UNCLE TOBYS surprised customers with hidden Jimmy Barnes CDs in our packs and introduced UNCLE TOBYS Lite Start, Sportsplus, and Fibreplus Breakfast Bars. Our Organic Vita Brits TV ad featuring Ironman Trevor Hendy showcased the benefits of our organic range. In the same year, UNCLE TOBYS reached a significant milestone by being acquired by Goodman Fielder.

In 1994, our Range Cereal TV ad proudly declared that "Australia's leading athletes know the best cereals are made by UNCLE TOBYS." We continued to inspire the youth with Daryl Braithwaite CDs and trading cards of Australian music stars and athletes in our packs.

1995 brought more nutritious snacks to the shelves, including Fruity Metres, Dunkaroos, and Fruit Breaks muesli bars, providing Aussies with convenient and wholesome snacking options.

The second half of the 90s brought iconic moments for UNCLE TOBYS. 20 Ironmen starred in a Baywatch episode with Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, marking the start of the 1996/97 Super series.

In 1997, UNCLE TOBYS athletes appeared in Home and Away episodes, and the Talent Towards 2000 promotion hid swap cards in packs, offering students the chance to win a camp trip with sports stars and ambassadors of the arts. Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett were sponsored by UNCLE TOBYS.

In 1998 introduced the UNCLE TOBYS Sportsplus Triathlon series, running until 1999. That year, UNCLE TOBYS launched Healthwise, functional breakfast cereals developed in collaboration with The Heart Research Institute, The Jean Hailes Foundation, and The Cancer Council. UNCLE TOBYS also sponsored major tennis tournaments leading up to the Australian Open, featuring branding on player's towels and seats. Giaan Rooney and Liesel Jones joined UNCLE TOBYS' team of sponsored swimmers.

In 2003, UNCLE TOBYS joined forces with Grant Hackett to launch our fruit-filled bars in a playful TV ad that showcased his growing muscles with each bite. This collaboration highlighted the delicious and nutritious nature of our bars. In 2009, we began supporting the Royal Life Saving Society, demonstrating our commitment to water safety and drowning prevention. This partnership allowed us to contribute to the important work of the organization and promote a safer aquatic environment for all.

In 2006, Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), a joint venture between Nestlé and General Mills, made a significant acquisition adding the UNCLE TOBYS cereals business to its portfolio. This strategic move not only solidified CPW's position as the second-largest cereal company worldwide but also opened doors for Nestlé Australia to enter the nutritious snacks market through the UNCLE TOBYS brand. This acquisition marked a pivotal moment for Nestlé Australia, highlighting its increasing commitment to promoting nutrition, health, and wellness.

In 2011, UNCLE TOBYS Oats, Plus and Cheerios proudly received the Heart Foundation tick of approval, solidifying our commitment to providing nutritious brekkie choices for Australians. We also continued our partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society, working together to promote water safety and educate Aussie kids to become Waterwise.

The following year, UNCLE TOBYS made a significant contribution to fighting hunger by donating over 3.5 million serves of cereal to Foodbank, supporting those in need across the country.

In 2016, we teamed up with the Campbell sisters, inspiring kids to #JoinTheOutsiders and embrace an active and adventurous lifestyle.

In 2018, UNCLE TOBYS introduced the Oats Energy Exchange Café, led by wellness expert Tim Robards. This innovative concept allowed customers to exchange their daily step counts for menu items, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

That same year, we embarked on the SWIMS 4 ALL initiative in collaboration with the Campbell sisters and the Royal Life Saving Society Australia. This initiative aimed to promote access and inclusion, encouraging more Australians to engage in physical activity and enjoy the benefits of swimming.

In 2023, we proudly celebrated 130 years of Aussie goodness by launching a line of limited-edition packaging. This packaging highlighted iconic moments that have shaped Australia over the last 13 decades. 

Join us in commemorating our rich history and the role we've played in nourishing Australians throughout the years!

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