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Putting Protein To Work For Your Body


Author: Uncle Tobys Nutrition Ambassador, Kathleen Alleaume


Protein is a critical part of our diet. Sure, it helps build muscles, but protein does a lot more than just help you get buff. Protein is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role for all of our cells to grow and repair, and its key to maintaining healthy skin and bones. 
It’s important that you get enough protein in your diet every day. How much protein you need from your diet varies depending on your weight, gender, age, stage of life, and activity level.

Protein’s power over appetite

Compared to carbohydrates, protein takes more time for our body to digest1. So, eating enough protein may help with appetite control to give you that satisfying feeling of fullness – handy if you’re trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How to include protein throughout your day

Meeting your protein needs is easily achieved by eating a variety of foods. And protein doesn’t just come from meat, eggs, and other animal products – you can get it from plant-based sources including whole grain oats, soy, nuts and seeds in our products, too. Ensuring a good mix of different protein sources is a healthy, satisfying way to boost your nutrient intake — whether you choose to eat meat or vegetable sources.

If you’re looking for ways to get more protein into your diet, be sure to include a protein source at each meal and incorporate healthy protein snacks. Here’s how:

A good way to get your daily recommended intake is to start your day with a whole grain cereal that contains protein and add some seeds or nuts.

When it comes to snacks, choose options with protein like Uncle Tobys Protein Muesli Bars, with 20% protein to help you feel fuller – that’s 7 grams per bar - to give you that tasty and wholesome energy on-the-go. 

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