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5 Snack Hacks for the Back-to-School Routine

Kathleen Alleaume


Author: Uncle Tobys Nutrition Ambassador, Kathleen Alleaume



5 Snack Hacks for the Back-to-School Routine

Tip #1: Find the perfect snacking match! 

Prep for Back to School like a pro by matching snacks to your child’s hunger and age, choosing nutrient-packed options like fruits, veggies, legumes, dairy, and whole grains. Timely snacks provide energy to help kids get through busy days. For a quick and easy solution, consider UNCLE TOBYS Muesli Bar range providing fibre and wholesome energy.

Tip #2 Streamline mornings

Convert a pantry shelf or fridge drawer into a designated lunch station. This centralised arrangement makes morning lunch prep effortless, saving time and effort, ensuring a seamless start to your day. Utilise reusable containers, convenient snack bags, or pre-measured portions for quick and nutritious bites always at the ready. Grab-and-go options such as new UNCLE TOBYS LE SNAK Mini Crackers offer a quick, nutritious add on, perfect to throw in the bag for busy, on the move days.

Tip #3 Delve into bento-style lunchboxes 

Where each compartment holds a variety of vibrant delights and opportunity for inventive combos. Explore creative pairings like mini veggie sushi rolls or fruit kebabs with yoghurt dip—blending fun with nutrition. On an active, busy day add a fun flavour such as UNCLE TOBYS new Cookies & Crème Muesli Bar to the lunchbox mix.

Tip #4 Get your child involved! 

Encourage culinary adventures by involving your child in selecting and preparing new foods. Make it a fun experience—like a weekly "Food Explorer Day". Explore a new fruit, veggie, or whole grain each week, transforming it into a playful activity. It's not just about trying new foods; it's fostering curiosity and creativity in the kitchen!

Tip #5 Sync snacks with fun adventures!

Tailor snacks for different parts of your child's day, like a 'post-playtime power snack' during the weekend or a 'pre-homework brain booster' before assignments. For example, UNCLE TOBYS ROLL-UPS in the new Groovy Grape flavour could be an extra fun snack after a particularly active and busy day.

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