Sugar and muesli bars

Keen to understand why we add sugar to our muesli bars and how they stack up in terms of sugar? We’re here to help.

Why add sugar to muesli bars?

Sugar helps hold muesli bars together so they don’t crumble in your hand. As well, they help make the whole grains that are the main ingredient of the bar taste sweeter. Some sugar can also come from ingredients such as choc chips or chocolate drizzles.

Just how much sugar is in an UNCLE TOBYS muesli bar?

On average, our muesli bars have about 4.3-8g of sugar per bar – that’s between 1-2 teaspoons of sugar per bar. In some bars, this includes sugar in the dried fruit we add.

So, what are we doing about sugar?

At UNCLE TOBYS, we’ve been steadily reducing the amount of sugar in our muesli bars – together with saturated fat and sodium. For example, our yoghurt top and chewy bars now contain 4.3-5.8g of sugar per bar – that’s around 1 – 1 1/2 teaspoons. Depending on the bar, that’s as much as 40% less than in 2014.

And remember…

The main ingredient in all our products– giving you valuable nutrients, fibre and energy – is healthy whole grains.


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