How we make our muesli bars

Simple ingredients and tasty recipes

For such delicious and healthy snacks, the process of making our muesli bars is surprisingly simple. And, it all happens right here in Australia.
Take a look at how we turn our nutritious rolled oats into the muesli bars you know and love.


Just like when you make muesli bars at home, the first step involves combining all the liquid ingredients and heating them up. This includes glucose syrup and honey which sticks all the other ingredients together.


Next, the dry ingredients like oats, nuts, seeds and fruit pieces are mixed in. Our Aussie oats are milled in our mill along the backs of the Murray River and combined with some of the finest ingredients from around the world.


Once all the ingredients are combined together, there aren’t many steps left! The mixture is rolled out flat to a couple of centimetres tall and let to cool. This makes sure everything holds together so the bars don’t crumble in your hands when you go to eat them.


Once the muesli bar mixture has cooled down it’s cut up into the perfect portion sized snack, drizzled with a little yoghurt or sprinkled with choc chips and is ready to be packaged off and sent to a supermarket near you. Simple.