Anne-Marie MackintoshAM brekkie

Regional Nutrition and External Manager, CPW:

“This is my breakfast that I eat most mornings in the car – O&G crunchy granola and Greek yoghurt in layers, with chopped fresh apple on the top.

“It’s always a good idea to have a breakfast option that can be quickly prepared, is portable, and can be eaten on the run. I have this simple and tasty breakfast ‘ready to go’ for those work mornings where sitting down for breakfast at home isn’t possible!”





Gabrielle Maston

Clinical and Sports Dietitian/Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer at Changing Shape

“Make sure you get enough protein into your breakfast. Protein keeps you full for a long time which will help prevent grazing throughout the morning. Not only that, it helps you repair tried muscles from hard exercise sessions. Try adding yogurt to your cereal along with milk, add skim milk powder to your morning smoothie or opt for a hot breakfast with eggs and tons of veggies.”






Geraldine GeorgeouGGeorgeou-brekkie-photo

“Choose a balanced brekky including a lean protein, low GI carb and good fat.

My tasty breakfast is 1 boiled egg with a sprinkle of sumac on wholegrain toast and another wholegrain toast topped with fetta and fresh sliced tomato and cracked pepper + a cup of tea! Eggs are very versatile, highly nutritious and provide vitamins, minerals and quality protein.”




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