Types of Oats


Raw Oats

Wholegrain raw oats are harvested when the grain is fully-grown and dry. They consist of the grain kernel (or groat), surrounded by a hard outer hull and plant stalk.


Whole Oat (Groat)

Groats are left when the inedible hard outer hull of the oat grain is removed. They look like brown rice; long and thin, with a smooth surface and the outer bran layer intact. You can buy these to cook into porridge, but they take longer to prepare than other types of oats.


Steel Cut Oats

Steel cut oats are oat kernels that have been cut into two or three pieces by a metal blade. This enables the oats to cook more quickly than whole uncut oats. Read More


Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are created by steaming oat kernels and then rolling them into flakes. Also called ‘old-fashioned’ oats, this preparation process keeps oats fresher for longer while helping to cook the oat faster such as oat porridge. Read More 


Quick Oats or Instant Oats

Prepared in a similar way to rolled oats, quick oats (or instant oats) are cut smaller and simply rolled thinner. They are still a wholegrain with all the nutritional goodness of the oat kernel, but with a longer steam and thinner flake, preparation is faster – so you can enjoy your favourite porridge sooner! Read More


Oat Flour

Oat flour is made using a similar method as wheat flour, in which the whole grain is milled into flour for use in baking and cooking.


Oat Flakes

Oat Flakes are the same as Rolled oats, they are the flakes that are produced by steaming and rolling the oats kernels.