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Pink Smoothie Bowl

Bursting with colour and fruity flavour

min prep 5 min
serves 2


2 x 35g Uncle Tobys oats Quick Sachets Triple Berry

1 medium over-ripe frozen banana (125g), peeled, chopped coarsely

1 cup (150g) frozen raspberries, plus extra for topping

1 cup (150g) fresh strawberries, hulled, plus extra for topping

½ cup (125mL) almond milk, chilled

½ tsp chia seeds



Place 1 ¾ Uncle Tobys oats Quick Sachets Triple Berry, banana,  strawberries, raspberries and almond milk into a blender; process for 1 minute or until smooth.

Serve immediately topped with extra strawberries, extra raspberries, chia seeds and the remaining Uncle Tobys oats Quick Sachets Triple Berry.

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