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Uncle Tobys PlusTM

Uncle Tobys Plus, the perfect blend of all the good stuff!

Uncle Tobys Plus is a tasty blend of whole grain flakes combined with delicious ingredients and nutritional goodness, providing a bowl full of goodness that is nutritious and delicious!

Each Uncle Tobys Plus cereal provides fibre from whole grains to support healthy digestion#, contains nutritious vitamins and minerals, and contains no artificial colours or flavours. With seven delicious varieties, enjoy your favourite today!

From December 2019, Lupin will be declared in the ‘May contain’ statement on all Uncle Tobys Plus cereals following a change to wheat specification. For a short time, both current and new packaging will be available on shelves as packaging transitions. Please check the product label to ensure the product is right for you should you have any food allergies. And should you have any further questions please call the friendly Uncle Tobys team on 1800 025 768.

#As part of a healthy varied diet

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