• Oats contain all three layers of the edible grain, the bran, endosperm, and germ.
  • Whole grains mean you are getting all 3 parts of the grain in the same proportions as they are naturally found.
  • Whole grains retain the natural vitamins and minerals than are often removed from refined grains.


Why a Wholegrain Cereal and Snacks?

Nutritionists recommend whole grains as part of a nutritious diet.

  • One easy way to enjoy whole grain is with a serving of UNCLE TOBYS cereal. In fact, every UNCLE TOBYS cereal is made with wholegrain – guaranteed – because every UNCLE TOBYS cereal provides at least 8g of wholegrain per serve.
  • All UNCLE TOBYS Muesli Bars are also made with wholegrains – providing at least 8g of wholegrain in every bar, making it simple to add more whole grains to your day.