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Uncle Tobys NAT Bears

'Hi there! I'm Helen Raccoon, founder of Uncle Tobys NAT™ breakfast cereal and oats! I had enough of my kids eating rubbish and it's tough for us parents to find a breakfast cereal that we are happy to feed our cubs, and which they'll also enjoy. So I decided to take things into my own hands (I mean paws!)...  I carefully sourced delicious ingredients to create Uncle Tobys NAT™ breakfast cereal and oats!' 

Uncle Tobys NAT™ Bears and Oats Sachets were developed with parents and kids in mind... with natural whole grain oats as the no.1 ingredient, you can be assured your kid's breakfast is full of quality and tasty ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. But that's not all. Just one individual Uncle Tobys NAT™ Bear, or one Uncle Tobys NAT™ Oats Sachet is the recommended portion for breakfast, so you can be sure your kids are getting the right amount of goodness in one sitting. 

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