UNCLE TOBYS Shredded Wheat is made purely from 100% wholegrain wheat. So every crispy bite is low in fat, rich in carbohydrates, and has no added sugar. Plus, UNCLE TOBYS Shredded Wheat cereal is a great source of dietary fibre and has a 5-star health rating. When there’s a busy day ahead, its good to know that at least breakfast can be simple.

Some News – In January 2018, our Shredded Wheat has moved to a new home and is now manufactured in the UK (previously they were made in Canada). There are different types of wheat which vary from country to country, so this, in addition to different soil and growing conditions in the UK compared to Canada, can have a small effect on the taste and look of our Shredded Wheat. Rest assured, our cereal is still made from high quality 100% wholegrain wheat as it’s always been.