O&G® Crunchy Granola awakens your tastebuds with the natural vitality of delicious premium ingredients like oats, grains, fruit and nuts. It’s the best way to add a little texture to your mornings, with a wholesome breakfast packing great flavour into every mouthful. With O&G® Crunchy Granola there’s no need to cook – just add cold milk or your favourite yoghurt, and enjoy sensational crunchy goodness. How will you brighten up your breakfast?

New  O&G®  Warm & Crunchy Granola

Introducing a whole new way to enjoy granola! An irresistible combination fruits, nuts and seeds together with wholesome 3-grain clusters that come alive when heated. The flavour is unlocked, the aroma is more intense and best of all…it stays crunchy when warmed! To discover the experience, simply heat & eat!