UNCLE TOBYS HealthWise® is the simple way to show your body a little love, every day. After consulting with leading health professionals, we created a light, tasty cereal with quality grains, fruits and nutritious ingredients carefully chosen through research. This delicious cereal contains folate for cell growth & development*, fibre to support digestive health* & beta glucan, a soluble fibre naturally occurring in oats which helps lower cholesterol for heart wellbeing^. HEALTHWISE® makes it deliciously easy to pro-actively look after yourself each and every day!

*When consumed as a 45g serve (2/3 cup) of HEALTHWISE® together with milk as part of a healthy diet.

^As part of a healthy diet low in saturated fat, 3g of beta glucan everyday is required to help lower cholesterol.

Sadly Uncle Tobys Healthwise is no longer available. We would have loved to continue making this for our consumers as we know it was a favourite cereal for many of our consumers, but sadly due to low sales, retailers were no longer able to support the product.