About O&G

We believe the more positive you feel; the more you get out of life.

We believe that how you start the day sets you up for the rest of the day so let’s start in a positive, happy way!

That means waking up to a more exciting breakfast, waking up to interesting textures and enticingly good tastes. Be enticed by goodness and deliciousness…

O&G blends together the natural vitality of delicious real ingredients like oats, grains, fruits and nuts so every mouthful will awaken your taste buds.

Start the day how you mean to finish it… in a positive way.

Go on, look forward to the morning… wake up thinking bring on today!

Get inspired by O&G chunky oatmeal for a new perspective on warm breakfast

O&G Chunky Oatmeal is porridge, but not as you know it! It’s a wholesome mix of pure oats, rye, and barley with chunks of real fruit, and sliced nuts to create a chunkier style porridge full of surprising tastes and textures.

It’s easy to make – just combine one sachet of oatmeal with milk and microwave for 90 seconds! Voila! 

O&G cranberry, strawberry & sliced almonds O&G honey, fig & macadamia

O&G crunchy protein granola adds much needed crunch to your morning

Make a positive start to your day with delicious O&G crunchy granola. It’s packed with oaty clusters and real, yummy ingredients with protein to help kick start your day.

o and g cranberry box O&G crunchy granola cranberry, hazelnut & pepita o and g vanilla box O&G crunchy granola almond & vanilla O&G crunchy granola apple, coconut & quinoa O&G crunchy granola cashew, almond & quinoa O&G crunchy granola Blueberry, coconut & quinoa

Creating a café-inspired Bircher Muesli with O&G is as simple as SOAK, SLEEP & EAT!

The night before, soak bircher muesli in milk, juice or coconut water – mix it up to discover new tastes. The nuts, seeds and fruit are already in there – there’s nothing else to add.

Let your bircher soak while you get some much needed zzzzzzz’s

Wake up in the morning to a café-calibre breakie – that’s already ready! Simply top with yoghurt and fresh fruit to serve and enjoy!

O&G Cranberry, Almond & Quinoa Bircher Muesli O&G Apple, Pecan & Coconut Bircher Muesli