Standing shoulder to shoulder

Uncle Tobys and the Australian Men’s Shed Association are standing shoulder to shoulder, to promote health and wellbeing in regional communities, as part of a new partnership.

With a focus on the Riverina and Indigo Shire, the home of Uncle Tobys, the partnership will focus on increasing awareness of Men’s Sheds and aims to address social inclusion and meaningful participation.

Men’s Sheds have become vital community assets and, in many regions, the main or only focal point for positive male engagement and activity, beyond sport.

Uncle Tobys will help to promote Men’s Sheds and support the Australian Men’s Shed Association’s ‘Spanner in the Works?’ male health initiative; including offering free health checks at a number of local events. In addition, Uncle Tobys will help to facilitate opportunities for its staff and local farmers to become actively involved with Men’s Shed in the Riverina region.

For more details on the Australian Men’s Shed Association and shed locations, please visit or click below