Packing a balanced lunch

For a busy day of learning, sport and play, it’s important for kids to fuel themselves with nutritious and tasty foods. A healthy, balanced lunchbox provides a variety of foods from the five food groups, plus don’t forget water to keep hydrated and a delicious UNCLE TOBYS snack for active kids!

lunbox infographic 2



Keeping food safe is important FOR GOOD HEALTH too! Here are some simple tips to keep your kid’s lunchbox safe:

  • Put a frozen drink bottle in the lunchbox
  • Use an insulated lunchbox to help keep lunches cool
  • Wash your hands with soap before preparing your kids lunch and teach your kids to do the same before they eat
  • Teach your kids to check if their lunch still feels cold before they tuck in
  • Perishable foods like meats, dairy or cut up fruit or vegetables should be thrown out if not eaten that day.