Sodium is a key nutrient in our body as it balances the amount of water inside and around the cells, and helps with blood pressure control.

Sodium is often called salt which is made up of sodium and chloride. It’s the sodium in salt that may be harmful to your health. Too much sodium is not good for our health.

75% or more of our sodium intake comes from processed foods. The less sodium we eat, the better our health.

The easiest way to reduce sodium in our diet is to eat fresh, unprocessed foods and read nutrition labels. You’ll avoid a lot of salt if you use lots of fresh ingredients when you cook, and limit your intake of processed snacks and treats.

3 easy ways to reduce your sodium intake are to:

  • Eat fresh foods
  • Go for low or reduced salt when you do buy processed foods Check the label when you shop – foods that provide less than 120mg of sodium per 100g or less or considered low in sodium.
  • Use herbs and spices or other flavourings rather than salt during cooking or at the table

All Uncle Tobys breakfast cereals meet the Government Food and Health Dialogue’s targets* for sodium of 400mg/100 or less.

*The Food and Health Dialogue is a joint government – industry – public health initiative aimed at addressing poor dietary habits and making healthier choices easier and more accessible for all Australians.