A Healthy Breakfast

Why start with an UNCLE TOBYS breakfast cereal?

All UNCLE TOBYS® Cereals are a:

  • Source of Fibre
  • Source of Whole grain
  • Meet the nutrient criteria of the Heart Foundation
  • Deliver a Government Health Star Rating of 4 stars or more
  • Meet the nutrition requirements of the health claim standard designed to ensure that the health claim only appear on healthy foods
  • Meet the Food & Health Dialogue’s targets for sodium (400mg/100g or less)
  • Breakfast cereals typically provide fibre and whole grain together with energy to help fuel our bodies first thing in the morning.

Some cereals are also fortified with vitamins and minerals and they provide a tasty way to enjoy dairy foods (or dairy alternatives) such as skim milk and reduced fat yogurt in the morning.

Of course, not every cereal provides these great nutrients so it’s important to check your cereal to see how it stacks up.

To make things super-easy, just pick up any one of over 45 UNCLE TOBYS breakfast cereals, and you can be assured that you’re selecting a healthy healthier choice to help kick start your morning.


5 reasons to eat an UNCLE TOBYS Breakfast


1. Fibre

Grain foods, such as breakfast cereals, can be an easy way to add fibre into your diet.

Every one of our UNCLE TOBYS breakfast cereals provides at least a source of fibre.

Many UNCLE TOBYS breakfast cereals are also high in fibre (click here for a list of high fibre UNCLE TOBYS cereals).

Not all breakfast cereals contain fibre which is why it’s important to check the label on your cereal of choice.

Any cereal with 2g or more fibre per serve is giving you a source of fibre.

Cereals with at least 4g fibre per serve are considered high in fibre.

Fibre is a nutrient that we need a daily supply of, helping to support digestive wellbeing and regularity. Some fibres such as beta-glucan found in oats, also help to lower cholesterol*.

*a 40g serve of oats provides 1g beta-glucan. 3g of beta-glucan each day is required to help lower cholesterol reabsorption.


3. The Heart Foundation Tick

Every UNCLE TOBYS breakfast cereal meets the strict nutrient criteria of the Heart Foundation Tick.

We have been gradually and quietly improving the nutrition of our cereals to ensure that we continue to deliver nutritious cereals to our fans. Of course, many didn’t need any improving at all.

The Tick nutrient criteria have been carefully selected to ensure that, when you choose a cereal that carries the Tick, you are making a healthier choice. The criteria for breakfast cereals varies depending on the type of cereal but typically, cereals carrying the Tick must comply with criteria for kilojoules, fibre or wholegrain, sodium, trans fat and saturated fat.


5. Health Star Rating (HSR)

You can make healthier choices by using the Government – led Health Star Rating System to compare the overall nutritional profile of packaged food products at-a-glance. It provides a quick, easy, standard way to compare similar packaged foods. The more stars, the healthier the choice.

All Uncle Tobys cereals have a HSR of 4 stars or more. Try these tips next time you go shopping.

  • Keep an eye out for the Health Star Rating on supermarket shelves.
  • Use the Health Stars Ratings to compare similar food products. For example compare breakfast cereals. Remember, the more stars, the healthier the choice.
  • Use the nutrient information to choose products that contain less sodium, saturated fat and/or sugars.



2. Whole grain

Did you know that EVERY UNCLE TOBYS breakfast cereal is made with whole grain, meaning you are getting all 3 parts of the grain in your morning meal?

Some, like Oats are 100% whole grain meaning they will provide most of your daily wholegrain intake in just one bowl.

Click here for a list of the whole grain % of all UNCLE TOBYS cereals.

So it’s probably little surprise that breakfast cereals are one of the easiest ways to get whole grain into your day.

But did you know that not all breakfast cereals are made with whole grain?

To find out whether your cereal contains whole grain, look for the word ‘whole grain’ or for ‘whole oats/rye/wheat/brown rice’, ‘whole meal’, ‘mixed grain’, ‘cracked’, ‘flaked’, or ‘kibbled’ in the ingredients list. (See how to read nutrition labels).




4. Sodium targets

Many breakfast cereals have seen their sodium levels quietly decreasing over time, so that you don’t notice the change in the nutrition of your favourite cereal.

UNCLE TOBYS is no exception and we have the greatest selection of cereals to meet the sodium targets for cereals set by several independent authorities of not more than 400mg sodium/100g. Every UNCLE TOBYS cereal meets this target.

We also offer a wide range of cereals that contain no added sodium or are low in sodium (120mg sodium/100g or less) so if you are concerned about sodium in your breakfast, click here to find a list of no added sodium UNCLE TOBYS cereals.

No added sodium: Gourmet Temptations, Traditional Oats, Steel Cut Oats, Quick Oats – plain (loose and sachet), Quick Sachets – Creamy Vanilla, Creamy Honey, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Caramel, Golden Syrup, Banana & Honey, Multigrain Fruit variety pack, Fruit variety pack, Vanilla variety pack, Multigrain variety pack, Classics variety pack.




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