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As real as the people who make it

Meet the people of Wahgunyah

Uncle Tobys Plus is made in Wahgunyah, on the banks of the Murray River. The beauty of this small town is reflected in the genuine, down-to-earth nature of its people.

Those same qualities are found in every box of Uncle Tobys Plus. With its wholesome blend of whole grains, each bowl of Uncle Tobys Plus provides the nutrition to start your day right.

To celebrate the people who come together to make Uncle Tobys Plus, we've featured some of them in one of our recent campaigns. And after getting to know the tradies, line managers, farmers and café owners of Wahgunyah, we wanted to shine a spotlight on people who live alongside the Uncle Tobys factory.

We had such a positive reaction in Wahgunyah that we filmed for a week leading up to the shoot, speaking to the locals and hearing their stories.

Keith has worked at Uncle Tobys on and off for nearly seven years, and he has a lot to say about his time there. He prides himself on knowing the name of everyone at the factory.

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