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Growing great for 125 years

There’s something special in the Aussie soil that grows people as unique as our country.

Since 1893, Uncle Tobys has been fuelling Australians on their journey to greatness, starting in the school playground. We know that with the right energy and encouragement, all Aussie kids have the potential to achieve greatness in whatever field they choose.

These stories of three real Aussies aim to inspire and rekindle the sense of possibility that comes from taking those very first steps towards greatness, fuelled by the goodness of Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars.

Sabrina Frederick-Traub


At the age of seven, making the move from England to Pinjarra in Western Australia was a big cultural change. Not knowing anyone, Sabrina turned to sport, which helped her find her place both on and off the field. Sabrina’s mum was very supportive, always making sure she had the right energy in her lunchbox so she could follow her dreams.

From leading the way in AFL Women’s Competition to becoming a Multicultural Ambassador, Sabrina has set the path for future generations to come.


Samantha Ridgway


Growing up with the right energy in her lunchbox, Samantha led a very active childhood. Her passion for science was found at a young age, with fond memories of playing with her chemistry set, to flying model airplanes with her Father. Samantha has since held roles as a flight attendant and full-time mum, before returning to her studies and receiving a Degree with Honours in Chemistry.

Samantha is currently regarded as one of Australia’s Top Female Rocketeers.


Peter Kismartoni


Growing up, Peter would always have the right energy in his lunchbox to fuel his extremely active lifestyle. As a kid with a love for sport and nature, Peter would always be outside either jumping, leaping or hanging off something! It wasn’t until his mother got him to try gymnastics that his love for theatrical performances was found.

Peter has now travelled the globe, leading the stage as a World-Renowned Acrobat, performing to thousands every week.


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