Have you heard about the new Country of Origin Labelling laws that have been introduced in Australia?

Many food manufacturers now have 2 years (til July 2018) to introduce a new way of labelling where their products are made, and what % of the product is made from Australian ingredients.

The new laws will only apply to a priority list of food categories. These priority categories are all foods except for seasonings, confectionery, biscuits and snack food, bottled water, soft drinks and sports drinks, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

The government did a survey to find out which types of foods consumers wanted to know more about their country of manufacture and origin of ingredients.
Breakfast cereals are one category that consumers are very interested in! All breakfast cereals will need to display the new labelling. The new labelling consists of the familiar Australian Made kangaroo symbol, along with information showing how much of the product contains Australian ingredients – in both pictures and words.

At least 70% Australian ingredients

All (but one) of UNCLE TOBY’s breakfast cereals are made in Australia, in our factory in country Victoria. So they will display this logo. There will be varying amounts of Australian ingredients in each of our products, and all of our oats, wheat and corn are from Australian farmers.

For priority food products, that are not made in Australia, they will have to highlight their country of manufacture in a box on their label. They will not have to declare the origin of their ingredients and they will not be allowed to show the kangaroo symbol.

Stephanie Rajczyk, Regulatory Affairs Manager, NestleThese changes will provide consumers with more information if they are interested in supporting Australian Made products.

Stephanie Rajczyk,
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Nestle