Welcome to Our Second Issue, October 2016

AMM-headshotHello. Our hot topic this month is about all things sprouted grains, an emerging trend which provides some balance to the anti-carb movement.

We also share the latest research on wholegrains, breakfast and weight loss maintenance, and the effects of breakfast on cognition in children and adolescents.

You can also catch up on what’s new in the cereal aisle or try our delicious Ancient Grains muffin recipe!

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Happy reading!

Anne-Marie Mackintosh, Regional Nutrition and External Manager, CPW



Hot Topic – Sprouted Grains

Step Aside, Kale: Sprouted Grains Step into the Spotlight

What’s New in Breakfast Research

Whole grain consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality
Breakfast consumption and weight-loss maintenance
The effects of breakfast on cognitive performance in children and adolescents

What’s New in the Supermarket?

O&G Bircher Muesli

Industry News Update

New Country of Origin Labelling laws explained

Recipe Inspiration

Ancient Grains muffins

Dietitians at the Breakfast Table

Dietitians share their brekkie tips and favourites – what’s yours?

Learn from an Expert

Engaging your audience online – 5 simple tips from Carolyn Miller