Want to take fantastic photos for professional social media use but not sure where to start? We asked food photographer Benito Martin for his top tips for shooting great images for use on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Benito-PhotographThink about the serving dish you are using and any props you could add – perhaps a placemat, table cloth or beautiful bowl could transform the shot and give it a different look?
  2. Use your camera and move around the object to find the best angle (high/low, wide/tight, best framing of the dish)
  3. A general rule of thumb (and there are definitely exceptions) is that the light looks best coming from somewhere behind the dish. Draw an imaginary line half way through the dish and try to get the light coming from anywhere behind the mid-point. The sides are also fine. (see image)
  4. Try and shoot where there’s plenty of indirect natural light. Near a window is perfect. If there’s direct light coming through a sheer curtain, this can work well to defuse the light.
  5. Down lights are your worst enemy! Make sure you’re well away from down lights or turn them off. If it’s not possible to do so, hold something to block the unwanted light – white or black is preferable. Foam core boards available from your local art supply is a great option.
  6. If you find the shadows are too dark, hold a white card next to the dark areas to reflect light into them. This also works the opposite way around with a black card if you want the shadows to be darker.