Essentials for Women

No Plans. No Diets. Just the Essentials. Designed specifically with 5 essential nutrients for women's wellbeing, UNCLE TOBYS PLUS Essentials for Women is bursting with delicious strawberry and raspberry pieces, topped with toasted soy and linseed clusters.

Antioxidant A & E
Antioxidants may help protect our cells from free radical damage. Free radicals may be produced in response to stress or pollution. Vitamins A and E are both essential nutrients meaning that we need a regular supply of them from our diet because our bodies cannot naturally make them.

Dietary iron is an essential mineral. It assists the transportation of oxygen in the bloodstream, which is essential in providing energy for daily life. An adequate supply of iron from our food is also important in helping reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Women between the ages of 19-50y have a higher need for iron to replace losses due to menstruation, with their recommended intakes being almost double that of men*.

Folate is an essential vitamin for growth and development. Folate is a B vitamin that is commonly found in green leafy vegetables, legumes and fortified grain-based foods. Folate helps support the development of healthy blood cells, cell division and supports immune function.

Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. This is also why,
in pregnant women, our bodies become more efficient at absorbing calcium to reflect the increased needs for calcium in the growing baby*. Good sources of calcium include dairy foods and calcium fortified products such as PLUS Calcium. Calcium is especially important for young children, teenagers and older women where
the health of their bones may be more affected by calcium intakes.

Fibre is required to keep our digestive system healthy. Did you know that one in two adults may not get enough fibre**? PLUS Essentials for Women is high in fibre and provides wheat bran fibre which helps aid digestive wellbeing.

*NHMRC Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and NZ
** Nestle 2009 commissioned fibre study